This is a blog dedicated to one person’s journey through the spooky lands of alcohol and creating tabletop games. There will be laughs; there will be tears—but most importantly, there will be drinking. And tabletop games. And more tears.

I chose the name Under the Tabletop for this blog to, obviously, play on the phrase “under the table” but to also play on the phrase “under the hood.” This blog will be dedicated to two topics:

  • Under the table—pairing a tabletop game with a matching alcoholic beverage
  • Under the hood—sharing my behind-the-scenes journey through creating my own tabletop game

I want to also make one thing clear, if you’re looking for “should I purchase this” style unboxing, deep game mechanics dives, and critical reviews on new games—you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m going to articulate the themes, the artwork, the emotion, the amount of fun had…and make a tasty beverage that matches those elements to enjoy while playing said game. I may discuss a new hotness, I may discuss an old classic—but one thing’s certain: I will be drunk by the end of the experience.

Now, grab a drink with me won’t you? Let’s play!

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